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About Us

Designprobe assists individuals and organizations to be more innovative and create new things.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is 'inventing creation' - to develop a way to create new things at will.
Our mission is to run the 'Inventing Creation' workshop where participants create new things.
Our values include: Innovation. Simplicity, Learning and Making a Difference.

What We Do

Our three-pronged approach to innovation includes:
Training in 'how to be creative',
Tracking trends in technology and design (whats going on?)
Making new things through the creation of art based artifacts

How we Deliver Our Services

Designprobe offers prepackaged solutions or tailored to your individual needs. We will work with you to find the best way to deliver your desired outcomes within your budget and timeframe. This may include a combination of:
workshops and training
individual coaching
facilitating key meetings
keynote presentations and
consulting services

Completed Projects

Review some of the projects we have completed.

Who We Are

Find out about Geoffrey McDonald, the man behind designprobe and inventing creation.

How to Contact Us



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