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Centaur painting 2
At designprobe we believe our research process is a world first, the only company aiming to invent new products through an art based research method. Here's a little about our process. (If you find out about other companies doing similar work, please let us know on mail@designprobe.com. Thank you.)
Design Research: Our model, 'The Levels of Design', puts into context the type of design research we undertake at designprobe.

Designprobe Design Research: We propose 'The Levels of Art' as a model to put into context the type of art based artifacts we create at designprobe.

The Centaur
The Centaur has been the focus of our art based design research for the past few years. It consists of a 3D Centaur form constructed from 8 flat panels that also configures into a 2D jigsaw puzzle. Based upon this 2D/3D form, a series of images have been overlaid through paintings, drawings and collages to create new forms.
Centaur Artwork Images
Centaur Research Insights


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