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Making New Things

Invention is not a mind game. It is an activity that requires regular practice. Our unique art based research provides some interesting insights into how to make new things.

The majority of this work was previously presented on a separate website ''. This address has now been redirected to this site and most of that site is now available here.

The Centaur

The Centaur has been the focus of our art based design research for the past few years. It consists of a 3D Centaur form constructed from 8 flat panels that also configures into a 2D jigsaw puzzle. Based upon this 2D/3D form, a series of images have been overlaid through paintings, drawings and collages to create new forms and new images.
Centaur Images
How to View the Centaur
The Three Stages of The Centaur
Centaur Insights

The Drawing Board

With a background in architecture, I was curious to explore the nature of the drawing board process of plans, elevations and sections as a visual language. This series began as a series of drawings and culminated in a timber sculpture.
The Drawing Board Images

About our research methods

The Three Levels of Art
The Four Levels of Design
The Creation Model

Research Insights

How to paint like Picasso: We expose Picasso's genius in an analysis of his famous Portrait of Dora Maar Seated.
The Centaur
The Drawing Board


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