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Being Creative

Being CreativeThe starting point for any new idea is when an individual has a thought. What happens next is critical. A person who thinks they are creative is more likely to do something with an idea than someone who doesn’t. The ‘Being Creative’ program addresses this issue and looks at what it takes for individuals to be more creative and innovative.

Key questions we address include:
How creative are you?
What is this creative rating based upon?
What moods and emotions support you to be creative?
When is it good not to be creative?
How can I observe this situation differently?
Do I give myself permission to be creative?

This program is offered as a single day or two day workshop. This program may also be supported by individual coaching to assist participants to implement work practices that support them in being creative and innovative in the workplace everyday.

The format of this workshop is a series of experiential activities and open discussions. It can be tailored for participants to be more creative in specific activities. For example, writers, the workplace, personal life, artists or specific industries.

This program is recommended to:
Manage personal and workplace change more effectively.
Impact low morale and destructive emotional spaces.
Establish a better balance between work and home for your hard working teams.
Reward team members for achieving a major outcome whilst also establishing a context for bigger challenges.
Complement other programs aimed at developing creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Program Result

Participants will be more effective in dealing with change and more creative and innovative in the workplace.

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