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Creative Words

Download the complete article (pdf, 25kb) (Feel free to share it with a friend or work colleague!)

Given that language is such a powerful force in determining how we interpret the world around us, then it follows that the words we choose to describe situations shape our experience.

Which words do you use that support you to ‘be creative’? Which words do use often that don’t?

To get you started thinking about this, here’s a puzzle for you to find some creative words. We also offer a list of ‘creative’ words in various categories to further stimulate your thinking.

The Puzzle

There are 53 words hidden in the puzzle below. They may be written forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically, diagnolly and some may overlap.

There are also 18 letters that are not included in the creative words. When you find the remaining letters a simple statement about ‘Being Creative’ will be revealed.

Choose Your Challenge

As an extra challenge for you, reward yourself with 2 points for every word you are able to find without looking over the page at the list of words included in the puzzle. Your clue is: each of these words hints at Being Creative.

Then when you have found as many words as you can, click through to the second page, and reward yourself with one point for every word on the list the you can find. Give yourself a bonus 25 points for deciphering the hidden message.

The maximum score is 131. Any score over 90 is a stunning effort! The answer to the puzzle is on Page 3, no points for cheating!
Designprobe Creative Word Puzzle
Download the complete article (pdf, 25kb) (Feel free to share it with a friend or work colleague!)
The Being Creative Word Puzzle - List of Words
Some Creative Words and how to use them!



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