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Our Vision, Mission and Values


The designprobe vision is ‘Inventing Creation’: to be able to invent new things at will.
Our analysis of technology trends suggests an emerging 'Age of Creation' fuelled by a shift to biotechnology and nanotechnology will soon be part of our daily lives. This will be similar way to the way the internet is shaping our lives today. We believe by 2010 to 2015, the focus will shift from 'information' to 'creation'. Our vision is to be leading the way forward. Read more...


The designprobe mission is to produce the ‘Inventing Creation’ workshop for individuals and corporations by the end of 2005. The intention of this program is for participants to invent new things.
inventing creation domainsWe believe there are three key areas to explore to be able to create this workshop.
BEING - All inventions are invented by someone. As human beings it takes a particular way of being and observing the world to be able to invent things. This component is currently available as the ‘Being Creative ’ workshop.
CONTEXT - All inventions are shaped by the social and historical context in which they are created. We believe new designs are created out of existing technologies. We also believe it is important to comprehend this context to be able to invent new products. This component is expressed as ‘whats going on?’ and is currently available as the ‘Every New Thing’ book which can be downloaded for free from this site for all probe subscribers.
PRACTICE - In the same way as a scientist undertakes experiments to develop new technologies, the creation and invention of new artifacts can be developed from art based practice. Through our ‘design research’ we are currently making new things and our target date for this component to be available as a workshop is mid 2004.
The complete 'Inventing Creation' workshop will be run over 10 days covering in depth the three areas outlined above. Our goal for 2004 is to establish one day workshops introducing each of these domains. From this foundation we intend to blend and expand our offer to create one of the world's best training and development programs in innovation and design, 'Inventing Creation'.


Our values form the basis for our decision making in business and our design philosophy. They are:
INNOVATION – a willingness to explore new ideas, create new things and apply what we have learnt to produce results. We differentiate between 'creativity' as 'coming up with ideas' and 'innovation' as 'coming up with AND applying new ideas'. Our intention is to produce results, not merely come up with a good idea.
SIMPLICITY – keeping our thoughts, actions and designs as clean, clear and simple as they need to be. As Albert Einstein once said, "Keep things as simple as possible and no simpler." We believe if an idea is complicated then it has not been sufficiently developed.
LEARNING - we regard ourselves as a learning organization in two specific ways. Firstly, we are continually researching and exploring what it takes to create new things. Secondly, we share what we have learnt to others to enable them to create new things. Learning is central to being creative and inventing new things.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE - our success is measured in terms of the difference we make for other people, organizations and to the environment in which we live.
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