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Inventing Creation

What is the link between biotechnology and creativity?

The coming Biotechnology Age is an opportunity to reinvent the world in which we live in ways that have never previously been available to us. It is potentially an Age of Creation.

Contemporary thinking suggests that our personal experience as human beings in our daily living, is shaped by the distinctions we possess in the language we think, listen and speak.

Inside this dialogue, we have the capability to alter our thinking moment by moment. This is not a small undertaking. Perhaps it is equivalent to the mighty and often lifelong quest of the Zen Master who seeks that one moment of enlightenment with the possibility that they may silence their thoughts and simply ‘be’.

The Role of Language

In this way, our language is both a trap and a pathway to freedom.

As a trap, once we learn language, we cannot unlearn it. If you are reading this you can never again experience the world without this capability. We cannot turn off the inner dialogue that speaks incessantly and shapes every sound and word we hear. It is also a trap in that our language is transparent; for it is only when we speak about our language deliberately and consciously that we become aware of it. More so, we can only discuss language through language - a conundrum indeed.

Our language is also a vehicle for freedom. Our language gives us the capability to create our reality. In particular, stop and look around you… the evidence is everywhere - everything you see has been shaped by language. More specifically, all that has been created in our world has been created as a function of our exquisite power of language.

Our Language Capacity

At a biological level, our capacity for language distinguishes us from the other living beings on this planet. This language capacity is expressed in the world of objects and things that we have created, the things that surround us, that give us our lives and allow us the freedom to live longer than ever before.

Again witness our relationship to things in the world relative to the other creatures we share our planet with. Consider for a moment, we are the creatures that can fly through the air faster, higher and further than any other. We are the creatures that can move across the ground faster and further than any other. We are the creatures that can move through water faster, further and deeper than any other. We are the creatures that have the capability to talk at normal volume and be heard by others on the opposite side of the planet. We are the ones that can wipe out entire civilizations with the press of a single button. We can create life, extend life, revive lives, save lives and take life away.

Our power and influence dominates our planet. We have the power to alter the climate of our planet and we have the power to travel beyond our own atmosphere.

We do this all through our language and the things that we create. Our language is our ultimate technology.

Pattern of Creation

As we contemplate our future, how we create things will become one of the essential questions addressed by human thought.

The history of our civilization has progressed from a daily struggle simply to stay alive to an Agrarian Age where food was produced on a vast scale for the first time. During the Industrial Age, we developed the capability to create mass quantities of goods. During the Information Age, we are developing the capability to make personalized products that have intelligence and the ability to interact with the user. Whilst these steps have been dramatic, they merely hint at what is to come.

The emerging Biotechnology Age presents the opportunity to create things at a level that is unprecendented. This is an extraordinary claim. To think that as a single species we yield the power to eliminate all the other species on the planet (and unfortunately we continue to do this daily somewhat blind and ignorant to the possible consequence or with any great urgency to alter this pattern.) Yet ironically, as we wipe out so many species that have taken thousands of years to evolve, we are on the verge of unleashing technology which will allow us to create new species as easily as we currently make new consumer products for our daily use.

The Creation Age

We are on the verge of the discovery of ‘creation’, a ‘Creation Age’.

A t designprobe, we believe an important question to askand enquire into is "how do we, as human beings, create things?"

Inventing and uncovering the process of Creation is not a small undertaking. It may sound like it is God’s work and in some ways the levels of technology that we have developed already give us an unholy power.

At designprobe, our vision is to 'invent the process of creation'. In other words, to distinguish the process in such a way that we can all invent things as easily as we currently design buildings, graphics and furniture. Our business and this website is devoted to this vision. The vision of 'inventing creation'.

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