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What We Do

Designprobe assists individuals and organizations to be more innovative and create new things.

The three areas of innovation we work in are:
'How to be creative''
Tracking trends in technology and design (whats going on?)
Making new things through the creation of art based artifacts

'How To Be Creative'

Designprobe offers two ways for you to be creative. We can either work with you to:
produce a specific result or
assist you to learn effective processes to produce your own results.
Producing a Specific Result
Designprobe can develop a program to suit the result you want within your budget and timeframe. This may range from a one hour presentation or facilitating your meeting, through to multiple days of training and consulting. Review some of our previous projects to see how we can address your need to be creative and innovative.
Learn Effective Processes
Designprobe can also develop a specific program for your team to learn how to be creative and generate your own results. We offer several specialized programs and are open to creating custom solutions.
Being Creative - how to be at your creative best, focuses on individual creativity.
Innovative Spaces - how to create the space for innovation to flourish in teams.
Creative Cultures - which of your workplace habits are undermining innovation and creativity?
Read More... "How To Be Creative"

Tracking trends in technology and design

Understanding the nature and direction of technological change is a critical context for creating new things. Our analysis of 'what is going on' has been developed over 18 years and focuses on how technology shapes the design of new products.
This approach provides both:
A framework for analysis of what is currently happening in the marketplace and the directions your industry is heading, and
A platform for the conceptual design of new products and services to enable you to leapfrog your competitors current products and services.
We offer a personalized program to meet your individual needs, outcomes and budgets that may include:
Conceptual Design and Research for new products
Creating ‘Trend Tracking’ or ‘Industry Analysis' groups amongst your workplace teams
Individual coaching for executives or managers in ‘Trend Tracking’ or ‘Managing for Innovation’
Group or individual Training in 'Understanding New Technology' offering an overview of key technologies and the impact and opportunities they offer your business
Facilitating Creative Brainstorming sessions
Keynote presentations to stimulate and provoke the thinking of your teams
A subscriber based newsletter to keep yourself up to day with technology trends will be launched in mid-2004.
Our Approach to Design Trends
Every New Thing
What's Going On?

Making new things through the creation of art based artifacts

Designprobe's core research revolves around making new things through the creation of art based artifacts. This parallels the way scientists undertake experiments to test their theories and enquiries into how the world works.
The things we create are:
exhibited several times each year (for your invitation, subscribe to probe)
displayed online via this website (see making new things)
available for sale (all enquiries to mail@designprobe.com)
Our goal for 2004 is to integrate how we make new things into our training programs and consulting services.
What are the Four Levels of Design Research?
What are the Three Levels of Art?
Our Current Research Project: The Centaur
Making New Things
For more information on any of these offers contact designprobe on: mail@designprobe.com

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