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Creative Cultures

The things we do and say are often dictated by the social circumstances we find ourselves in. Sometimes it is acceptable to be creative and at other times it is not. The ‘Creative Cultures’ program explores the practices and the conversations within your organization to create a culture that supports creativity and innovation.

Key questions include:
What is culture?
 What is the current culture of your organization?
What results would you like to produce?
What types of cultural practices and conversations would produce these results?
Which current practices should be conserved and which ones should be transformed?
 How can these be implemented on a daily/regular basis?
 What impact would this have on existing results?

This program is offered as a series of 6, 12 or 24 workshops sessions each 1-2 hours in length depending upon the depth and breath of the cultural impact required.

The format of this program is a series of open discussions leading to the design and implementation of practices created and agreed to by the participants.

This program is recommended as a powerful starting point for:
 Creating motivation and enthusiasm for establishing a culture of creativity and innovation.
 Exposing existing practices that thwart innovation from occurring
Ensuring that everyone can participate and make a difference in establishing a culture of creativity and innovation.
Designing and implementing more effective work practices.

Program Result

Participants will design and implement everyday cultural practices to enhance their creativity and innovation.

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