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Completed Projects

Some of our previous creative and innovative projects include:
The 'Being Creative' Workshop
This one day workshop focuses on personal creativity. We guide you to create specific strategies for you to be at your creative best whenever you choose. For more information…
'The Defining Moment'
The client wanted to create a turning point or defining moment in the organization and at the same time reward the employees and build teamwork.
We designed a two-day residential workshop program inside the theme of the '2006 Football World Cup'. We created three teams and set up a competition for the 'World Cup' by completing 'Mission Impossible' tasks. The program culminated in creating a 'Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal' for the organization to accomplish over a four year time frame (2006). (Update: Completing this goal is currently ahead of schedule.)
'In the Driving Seat'
The client wanted to support employees in being more accountable for the results they produce.
Designprobe assisted the client to develop a generic project plan and support employees to design projects based upon their job description, including budgets and resources. A range of reward and support activities were incorporated into the program, such as go-kart racing and a special trip to visit stakeholders and clients.
Facilliting Meetings
Designprobe has facilitated a range of 'creative meetings'.
This includes the marketing meetings for national organizations through to strategic planning for small business clients. Meeting objectives have included: creating new projects, brainstorming opportunities, alignment to strategic objectives, dispute resolution and designing action plans.
The 'Innovative Spaces' Workshop
Innovation is a social phenomenon that is created and fulfilled through conversations and relationships. In this workshop, we explored the various actions we take in language through a series of experiential games. For more information…
'The Idea Wall'
The client wanted to encourage people to generate and put forward their ideas.
We developed an 'idea wall' in the kitchen of the organization as a public display of ideas. A support structure was established to encourage ideas, develop them and implement them. For more information…
'Creative Cultures'
The client wanted to create a culture of creativity and innovation.
We developed a seminar series of one hour per week for six weeks to discuss and distinguish the workplace habits and cultural conversations that supported and thwarted them in being creative and innovative. This resulted in a number of new practices. For example, an unspoken rule of the office made people feel guilty for taking lunch. A new system was implemented to award 'red cards' (like a sporting referee sending a player off the field) to people who did not take a lunch break. For more information…
Innovator Cards
Currently under development is a set of cards to assist individuals to take on innovative roles in their daily work.
Individual Coaching
Designprobe have provided indivdual coaching to assist small business people in creating and fulfilling a variety of projects, including: selling a business to a multinational company, starting new businesses, purchasing a Mercedes Benz motor car and creating business systems and practices. Our coaching focusses on both the design and management of the projects plus the emotional and personal issues that need to be addressed for the desired results to be accomplished.
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