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The Idea Wall

It has been suggested that most people generate at least one idea each week that could be translated into a million dollar business solution. So what happens to all these ideas? Most of the time nothing happens. The reason for this is the lack of a set of practices to support, nourish, fuel and develop fledging ideas into sound propositions and real results.

The Idea Wall is a program for generating, developing and implementing ideas. The starting point for this process is a public display (an idea wall) where team members are encouraged to post their suggestions. To build upon this foundation, a set of processes are designed and implemented to:
Develop the idea.
Encourage private and public discussion.
Formulate more detailed plans.
Implement the idea as a pilot program.
Implement ideas as fully operational improvements to your organization.

This program is recommended to:
Create a public display of ideas and the support for ideas in your organization.
Provide encouragement and support to your team to develop their ideas.
Provide a support structure for ideas that don’t fit within typical boundaries or business units within your organization.
Develop a forum for discussing new ideas.
Strengthen connections between teams through common interest in ideas

For best results, this program is run in conjunction with the ‘Creative Cultures’ program.

Program Result

Participants will generate, develop and implement new ideas.

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