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How We Deliver Our Services

Designprobe offers either prepackaged solutions or programs tailored to your individual needs. We will work with you to find the best way to deliver your desired outcomes within your budget and timeframe. This may include a combination of:
workshops and training
individual coaching
facilitating key meetings
keynote presentations
consulting services

Workshops and Training

We offer learning opportunities in the form of workshops and group training which can also be complemented by personal coaching.
Specific workshops include:
Being Creative - Every innovation program starts with the individual. In this one-day workshop we redefine creativity and focus on what each individual needs to be at their creative best. Read more…
Innovative Spaces - Whilst innovation starts with the individual, it lives and dies in the conversations and relationships of your teams. This workshop focuses on what is needed to create the social space for creating innovations. Read more…
Creative Cultures - Our workplace cultures and habits define what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. In some cases, it is not okay to attempt to do new things which undermines any attempts to be innovative. In this workshop we expose the underlying and unsaid practices in your organization and design new ones that are more productive. Read more…
We are also open to discussing your personalized needs and developing custom workshops, training and coaching opportunities.

Individual Coaching

We offer group learning through our workshop and presentations and for a personal approach we can provide individual coaching. This may focus on:
Personal discussions on creating a culture of innovation and creativity
Mentoring to bring projects to fruition
Bringing your management team up to speed on the direction and nature of technological change
Individual sessions to implement what is learnt in workshops and training into daily practice

Faciltating Meetings

A Meeting Facilitator offers the advantages of providing an outside perspective and ensures all of your team members are able to participate fully in your most important discussions. Through faciltiating your next important meeting we can:
Create alignment in your team
Resolve disputes
Stimulate new ideas
Clarify your objectives and
Acknowledge and reward your team.

Keynote Presentations

Designprobe can stimulate, provoke and inspire your team or your industry colleagues with a keynote presentation. Each assignment is individually researched to meet your needs and you can choose between a lecture style presentation or an interactive discussion.
Our topics includes:
Every New Thing - Personalizing the 7 design principles of Every New Thing to your industry or business - What is Going On in your industry?
Technology and Sport - Our research suggests that technology is the single biggest influence on sporting events today. See how technology is shaping your industry through sport. A great way to introduce technology issues to your workplace.
Art and Innovation – What is Modern Art all about and how can I apply this to innovations in the workplace. An intriguing look at how art has been used to create new products.
We are also open to creating a personal program to address your individual needs.

Consulting Services

To establish a culture of creativity and innovation requires a program that is well thought out, specific to your individual situation and the alignment of your team to implement it successfully. Designprobe offers consulting services across our full range of services and expertise. We design the program with you to ensure we deliver the results you seek inside your budget and timeline.

Two broad stroke examples of our Consulting Programs include:
Trendspotters - Create a team of in-house experts able to decipher what is going on and speculate on future directions by creating a Trendspotters group. Based upon the simple framework of Every New Thing, your team will research, track and report to your organization on the latest threats and opportunities inside and outside your industry. Read more…
The Idea Program - How do you motivate your team to create ideas? Who listens to new ideas? How do you assist them to be developed and implemented? The Idea Program creates the foundation of innovation by designing a custom solution for you to source ideas from your team.
For more, read about some of our Completed Projects
For more information on any of these offers contact designprobe on: mail@designprobe.com

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