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What is going on in your industry? Do you rely on outside consultants to tell you or do you wait until your competitors have the taken the lead with a great new product?
The Swiss Watch Industry dominated world watch sales with 65% of the market in 1968. Less than a decade later the industry had collapsed under the weight of the digital watch and the Japanese companies. As if this demise wasn't significant enough, the Swiss had invented the digital watch and discarded it because they didn't have their focus on the future. (Read more about the Swiss Watch Industry)
The aim of the Trendspotters Program is to enable you to avoid being a repeat of the Swiss Watch Industry. Designprobe can assist you to build an in-house radar for looking across the landscape of your industry and over the horizon to see what is going on now and what may be coming in the future. If you are not considering your strategic future in this way, you are not preparing yourself for the uncertainties of global competition.
Based upon 18 years of research and the 7 key principles and 40 distinctions of 'Every New Thing', Designprobe can provide the framework for your team to distinguish what is going on in your industry.
Most importantly, we do not act as outside consultants coming into to tell you what is going on. Instead, we train your team to develop this expertise into your organization so that you can be in charge of your own future.
A Trendspotters group works through the following process:
Gather information that may be pertinent to the future of the organization
Meet regularly to discuss the information collected
Collate the patterns and trends observed
Identify opportunities and threats from the trends that have been identified
Speculate how these trends may affect the business in the future
Distribute the trends observed to other groups within the organization
Designprobe can design a program that works for your timeframe, your budget and your desired outcomes. We provide a range of training and support materials and can facilitate the forming of the group and lead key meetings to get you started. Once you are up and running, we can provide outside support on an as-needed basis.

Program Result

Your organization will develop in-house expertise to be able to decipher what is currently happening in your industry and to speculate on future threats and opportunities.

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