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Designprobe offers a unique 3 pronged approach to creativity, innovation & inventing new products.

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Understanding the nature and direction of technological change is a critical context for creating new things. We present our analysis of what is going on in the areas of technology, architecture and product design.
Every New Thing
The Future of Architecture
The Creation Model

Sometimes we are more creative than at other times. What do you need to be at your creative best? What does your team or organisation need to establish a culture of creativity and innovation?

Being Creative
Innovative Spaces
The Idea Wall
Find out how creative you are!
Invention is not a mind game. It is an activity that requires regular practice. Our unique art based research provides some interesting insights into how to make new things.
The Centaur
Research Insights
About our research methods
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We discuss the key challenges and issues for the design principle 'inform': Privacy, Ownership and Overload.
Creative Words: Enjoy playing our Creative Word Puzzle and learn some words to make you more creative. Read more…
The Drawing Board: A new series of images and sculptures based upon the visual language of plans, elevations and sections.
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whats going on how to be creative making new things about designprobe
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