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The Future of Architecture

In our view, architecture schools are dominated by the History of Architecture. In a rapidly changing world where technological change is driving many professions to completely re-invent themselves and the way they practice, we believe it is time Schools of Architecture began to develop curriculum around 'The Future of Architecture'.

In this section we provide various discussion points for this important topic and we invite you to participate in this conversation by sending us your thoughts and comments. We will be publishing selected comments that you offer.

Architecture Articles

Proportional Design Systems
In contrast to 'linear design systems', 'proportional design systems' may provide an alternative approach for computer generated architectural design.

Flexibility and Adaptability
We propose three questions to ask about Flexibility and Adaptability in architectural design.

Generalists or Specialists?
We consider: "Should the next generation of architects practice as generalists or specialists, or both?"

From Drawing Board to Automation
A look at Marshall McLuhan's catch phrase 'the medium is the message' as a context for architectural design.

The Crystal Palace
The year 2001 marks the 150th anniversary of the construction of one of the great buildings of all time: Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace. In this article we discuss its importance.

DYO: Design Your Own
If power tools made everyone a home handyman and created the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) revolution, computers are creating the Design Your Own (DYO) revolution. This one trend may shape the practise of architecture more than any other. Read more…

Beyond the Electronic Drawing Board

This body of work is based upon the book 'Beyond the Electronic Drawing Board' by Geoffrey McDonald. He has spent more than a decade of research exploring trends in technology and the key elements of the paradigm shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. He has uncovered the key patterns that are shaping your future in architecture.
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