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Seated Woman on Centaur

Acrylic on Timber Sculpture, 910mm high
Picasso's Dora Maar
Pablo Picasso, "Seated Woman with Hat", 1961, Oil on Panel, 115.5 x 89cm

Seated Woman on Centaur

This sculpture reflects the previous drawings (Seated Woman on Centaur and Seated Woman on Centaur 2) using the same imagery on a 3D Centaur sculptural form.

The form is consistent with earlier Centaurs and the imagery was painted with the pieces lying flat in the 2D jigsaw format.

The original intention was to paint both sides of each flat panel. However, once one side of each panel was completed and the form was assembled into a 3D Centaur, the effect of having a ‘painted’ side and a ‘plain’ side appealed more.

The effect is that the form appears as two different figures. From one side the form is ‘disguised’ with the cubist imagery of Picasso’s painting and on the other the edges are black and the panel surfaces white.

It was considered that this was a better fit for The Centaur given that it can be configured in both 2D as a jigsaw and as a three-dimensional form.



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