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Seated Woman on Centaur 1

Pencil on Paper, 3rd January 1998, 60cm x 42cm (A2)
Centaur Drawing
Picasso's Dora Maar
Pablo Picasso, "Seated Woman with Hat", 1961, Oil on Panel, 115.5 x 89cm

Seated Woman on Centaur 1

Following from "Seated Woman on Box", this drawing translates Picasso’s painting "Seated Woman with Hat" (1961) onto the 3D form of The Centaur in preparation for a sculpture.

Using the approach created in ‘Dora Maar on Centaur 3’, this drawing places the Seated Woman on the 3D Centaur torso relative to the torso.

Images on the remaining 3D Centaur pieces reflect the shape and form of the Centaur. For example, the Picasso ‘hand’ on the inner ‘thigh’ of the front left ‘leg’ of the Centaur. Also the ‘eye, nose, face’ on the back right hand ‘leg’.


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