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The Centaur at Gasworks

The Centaur at Becton Sculpture Biennial 2002, "Big Loud Now" at Gasworks Arts Park, Port Melbourne, April-May 2002.
Acrylic on Timber Sculpture, 2100mm high

Sculpture at Gasworks

Centaur at Gasworks

The Centaur at Gasworks

Centaur Painting 1

Centaur Painting 1

Centaur Painting 3
This sculpture is made from plywood sheets that were laminated together to suit the increased scale (around 3 times bigger than previously) and the need to withstand the weather for the length of the exhibition.

Perhaps the most interesting experience around this work was noticed during the construction phase and did not appear as the final form.

My intention with this sculpture was to accentuate the difference in viewing the form as you walked around it by minimising the thickness of the timber panels relative to the increased height. As the paintings show, in particular Centaur Painting 1 and Centaur Painting 3, the form looks very different front on when the upper ‘torso’ of The Centaur is perpendicular to the viewer (Centaur Painting 1) versus side on as in Centaur Painting 3.

By making the panels thinner relative to the height, it was anticipated that this would make the panels when viewed side-on almost invisible. Compared to previous models, this Centaur was 300% taller and only 150% thicker in the plywood panels.

Whilst this effect did occur, the Centaur looked completely ‘wrong’ when it was completed. It lacked depth and looked completely out of proportion, as if the entire design was incorrect.

Perhaps at a later date, I will explore this further and at the time, it was felt that it was not result that I had intended. The Centaur was then totally reconstructed by adding an extra panel of plywood to the form. This made the proportion of the height increase to the increase in panel thickness comparable to earlier models.



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