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The Seven Design Principles of Every New Product

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Seven Vital Clues About Your Competitors Next Product

EVERY New Product
If you could discover the qualities of your competitors next product, would that be an advantage to you? Even better perhaps, if you could re-design your product so that you gained a significant advantage over your major competitors then you would take it wouldn't you?

As Rosebeth Moss Kanter, former editor of Harvard Business Review suggests, "the secret of innovation lies in the temporary monopoly it gives you and this means you can charge more for it."

In a business world of instantaneous communication, global competition and evaporating product life cycles, the key to serving your customers lies in the design of your products.

Perhaps the most powerful example in recent years has been Apple Computer and the iMac computer. In the year prior to the release of the iMac, Apple Computer was sliding out of business. Their share of the personal computer market had slid to 4%. Less than two years after the release of the iMac, their market share was approaching 10%. Apple had reinvented the personal computer. They killed the beige look, they killed the box look and they breathed new life into the design of computers - and their company

'Every New Product' is about: re-inventing your products to create a significant competitive advantage for your business AND for your customers.

The principles offered here are intended as a conceptual design framework. These are the broad stroke principles that can be brainstormed to re-design your existing products and to create entirely new products and product categories. The actual ‘how you do the specific designing’ is a topic for another occasion. This text is intended to start you thinking about what is possible!

In this section, we offer a full and comprehensive text outlining the seven key principles, their definitions, key words to spot the principles in action and more than one hundred examples.

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