The Idea Program
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The Idea Program

designprobe provides consulting services for organizations to create a culture of creativity and innovation. We assist you to generate ideas and translate them into new products and more effective action.

Our consulting services are offered as ‘The Idea Program’ incorporating six unique programs to stimulate creativity and innovation in your organization.

Creative Cultures: establish new practices and conversations to support a culture of creativity and innovation.

Being Creative: a program directed at individual creativity - be creative in every aspect of your life.

Innovative Spaces: a program directed at creativity within teams - causing your teams to be creative and innovative.

The Idea Wall: generate new ideas, develop them and implement them for more effective action.

The Big Question: creating solutions to the single most important question facing your organization today.

Every New Thing: invent new products to create new markets and gain advantage on your competitors.

Depending upon your needs you may choose one, several or all of these programs to estabish your culture of creativity and innovation.

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