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information electronify intellligence interactive location personalize virtual

the seven design principles

The principles of this text are presented as the principles of Information Age Technology.

The first principle is naturally information.

The focus on information has become a product in its own right. This is not restricted to simply IT (Information Technology) applications, the opportunity exists to incorporate ‘information’ into all new products.

The second principle is electronify.

This principle also becomes apparent when we consider the Information Age context is reflected in a shift from mechanical technology to electric and electronic technology.
The next five principles are sufficiently distinct facets of the first two to be considered as separate principles. They are:


‘Intelligence’ implies the ability of a product to incorporate some form of decision making in responding to the forces placed upon it.


‘Interactive’ is the ability of a product to respond to forces generally placed upon it.


‘Location’ refers to the cutting of the tie to a location and can be referred to as ‘location independence’.


‘Personalize’ is the opposite of ‘standardize’ and represents a fundamental shift in how products are created.


‘Virtual’ refers to a ‘simulated’ or a metaphorical equivalent to another technological or natural form.

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